Windsor Dairy, Colorado

30 Jan

A calf, and future produced of my raw milk.

I’m a huge believer in raw milk. But this spin isn’t on the benefits of raw milk or the recent demonization of raw milk by agribusiness, it’s about a dairy in northern Colorado that provides excellent raw milk, meat, and eggs to their shareholders. I am a herd owner in this dairy, and I’m pleased that the herd share I’ve purchased is in good hands.

Windsor Dairy is owned by two moo vets: board certified dairy veterinarians Dr. Meg Cattell and Dr. Arden Nelson. Their dairy is the only licensed, Grade A certified-organic dairy in the area, and their cattle are all grass-fed. Meg and Arden work to develop a herd of cattle that is adapted to the local environment near the Colorado Rockies. They’ve chosen cows that are adapted to conditions in the Alps (the Brown Swiss and Tarentaise), and graze them on over 1,000 acres of native grassland.

Potential herd shareowners are required to tour the dairy before buying into the herd; this is just one way Meg and Arden ensure a transparent interaction between owners and the animals. If I wanted, I could drive up to the dairy today and check things out, including watching cows being milked. It’s really a fascinating process to watch, and the attention to cleanliness can’t be beat.

Without a doubt, I trust the quality, safety, and taste of Windsor Dairy raw milk over any other milk, hands down. (And, no, they have no idea I’m writing this about them…no kick-backs here!). Every week they test their milk for pathogens — including Listeria, E coli 0157H7, Salmonella, and Campylobacter — at a USDA-certified food safety lab. Mass-produced milk is not held to this high a standard.

Windsor Dairy supplies more than just great-tasting raw milk that beats the pants off of mass-produced milk in taste, nutrition and safety. The dairy supplies eggs from free-range, certified-organic chicken flocks; a variety of delicious cheeses made on-site from their milk; beef; pastured pork; and grass-fed, pastured lamb. They are also working towards building their goat herd for goat milk shares in the future. I’ll look forward to that as another source of raw milk, which I’ll use for cooking, drinking, cheese-making, and soap-making.

If you have stories of a local raw-milk dairy in your area, please share them in the comments!

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